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KOZ competition swimsuits are 100% made in Japan, using ultra-lightweight materials that offer enhanced water repellency. Their drape-cut design provides greater freedom of movement, enabling you to maintain your ideal body position in the water.The new KOZ product line will let you choose exactly what you need and want for your form of swimming and for poolside wear, too.Note: Products other than swimsuits are made in China.FINA Approved Models Competition swimsuits are approved by FINA / Federation Internationale de Natation.

The Swimmers Pyramid
[A] Competition Top Swimmers
International competitions (world championships, Olympics, Asian Games, etc.)
All-Japan championship events
All-Japan Masters Championship
[B] Competition Swimmers
Regional competitions
Masters regional competitions
[C] Fitness Swimmers
Swimming for health
[D] Recreational Swimmers
Beginners and school swimming programs
Recreation in pools and the ocean

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